Apogee Personal Training is a high quality and well-known physical fitness training center located in Hamden, Connecticut. Apogee provides you with a modern exercise center and customized physical training to safely suit your personal needs. We always gear your workout to you and help you achieve your specific personal fitness goals.

If you want to get healthy, lose weight and/or build muscle, hiring a personal trainer can be a step in the right direction. Our trainers can design a program that meets your goals and teaches you the best way to exercise correctly in a safe manner.

We have working relationships with surrounding physical therapy offices in order to safely continue your post-rehabilitation plan to help you recover from injuries or surgeries. For example, we have successfully worked with individuals with chronic diseases/illnesses, major heart surgeries and/or joint replacements.

Be wary of expensive, longer term commitments, as personal training is just that; it’s personal.


Personalized Sessions

Apogee offers customized half hour or hour long workout sessions scheduled to meet your needs.

Modern Equipment

Apogee Personal Training provides a modern equipment center & customized personalized training.

Covid Aware

We take precautions to keep the environment clean & ventilated & abide by intelligent social distancing practices.
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