Reviews From the Apogee Google+ Page:

” I have been working out at Apogee for a couple months now and it has been a great experience. Years ago I was injured resulting in a lack of physical activity and ultimately weight gain. I was nervous about working out again, for both the worry of what my capability would be and of possibly being judged. I feel like these are common fears people have and often their fears are justified. Well, NOT here I have been beyond impressed with the knowledge and professionalism both trainers I have worked with demonstrate. I know that all the personal trainers at Apogee are college educated and all hold themselves to high standards and it 100% shows. I am in the health care profession and I would liken the treatment of their clients to the way a patient should be treated, every appointment is tailored to fit the needs of each individual. You know the person you are working with cares about your well being and genuinely wants you to succeed. Every session I walk out of I feel more confidant and I’m excited to return. The owners of the gym have made it so that there is a nice décor, wonderful atmosphere and is immaculately cared for. I would recommend Apogee to anyone I know. They exemplify true excellence in their profession.”

-Ashley S.

John and all of his team of trainers are knowledgeable and personable. They are all interested in helping you achieve your fitness best, safely and with lots of encouragement. Great for me with knee, hip, and posture issues, John makes sure that whatever time you have is used to maximum benefit. And they all have heart!”

-Barbara G.

“John, hands-on owner of Apogee, has been my trainer for three years. He has helped me build up the right muscles to keep my cervical disk disease at bay; taught me to stand up straight; improved my physical strength and stamina and overall fitness, for which I am extremely grateful. He is an exercise physiologist and a seasoned trainer who never takes his eyes off his clients and can explain clearly in detail exactly what is going on with their bodies. He is knowledgeable about many other things, fun to talk to, and maintains extremely high standards for his gym. John’s staff are all experienced trainers and well-versed in the ways of older people, like me, as well as young, and because only a few people are in the gym at any one time, the atmosphere is cordial but private. I am endorsing Apogee because businesses of this caliber deserve the success that they are building. I give it as many stars as I can.”


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